Three Tips to Manage Stress and Boost Fitness Naturally


Stress management is one of those big buzz terms currently circling the world of busy professionals

Somewhere along the line, being career-focused has turned into being constantly stressed-out about achieving both our professional and personal goals. 

Well there is nothing to say that you cannot have your protein shake and drink it too! You do not have to let your work or career suffer in order to bring your stress levels back in order and subsequently boost your fitness. 

With so much focus on prescription medication to solve our health issues, it is refreshing to know there are some really simple and effective natural stress busters to help you refocus, reenergise and turn that drive you have into something very powerful – both mentally and physically. 

It is also great to know that you do not have to worry (you’ve done enough of that!) about becoming a Zen master or mediation expert to unplug, unwind and un-worry yourself to a calmer you.  

Getting your stress under control also means you will improve your digestion and that combined with no more stress eating will have you reaching your weight loss goals faster! 

1. Enjoy a Massage 

Massages are not some indulgence only on offer to people on holiday! There is an abundance of research about the natural stress relieving benefits of having a massage. 

Reduced tension, muscle relaxation, a stimulated lymphatic system helping to promote weight loss, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, improved circulation, clearer looking skin, soft tissue injury rehabilitation and better joint mobility are just some of the physical benefits of massage

There are so many different massage styles and techniques out there for you to try, so even if you’ve had a massage that you didn’t enjoy previously, don’t give up on this awesome stress reliever just yet.  

Overstressed with a big deadline at work pending? Treat yourself to a Swedish massage.

Overworked muscles from that fitness class you snuck in last week? A sports massage can be a great option to help with muscle tension and any repetitive injuries. 

Tight neck from sitting at the desk all day? Trigger point massage can help take care of those specific areas of the body you’re having trouble with. 

Have a rare few hours to yourself? A hot stone massage will really relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. 

Feeling more down then usual? Boost your mood with an aromatherapy massage

Feel out of balance? A deep tissue massage can help with that and with chronic pain. 

Looking for a way to boost your flexibility? A Thai massage is an active form of massage that will help you stretch and relax. 

There is definitely a massage out there that will give you the results you need. 

The best news is that the stress alleviating properties of some types of massage can be felt in as little as 15 minutes – something you can easily fit into your next lunchbreak. 

2. Stretch It Out 

We all know how important it is to get our daily dose of exercise. Whether that means parking an extra block away from the office to get your step count up or enjoying a lunch time group fitness class

What you may not know is that after all that hard work, stretching can be the key to relieving stress and preventing injury. 

Getting our heart rates up during aerobic exercises like swimming, running or cycling is great, but along with all those feel good chemicals (endorphins) your body releases post-workout, our systems are also pushing out high levels as cortisol as a response to the work we’ve just endured. 

Decrease the cortisol response and help reduce stress by doing a quick 5 – 10 minutes of stretching after you work-out. 

Stretching throughout the day is also a good trick to managing your stress levels. Simply rolling your neck towards your ear and holding a few minutes each side can boost your concentration at work without you needing to leave the desk. 

Combining blocks of stretching with a focus on slow-breathing gives you a two-for-one calming boost too, so try to breath into your belly and let go of tension as you stretch your muscles. 

3. Add a Banana to Your Smoothie 

Eating the wrong foods when stressed-out tends to make the problem worse. After a rough day at work, it’s easy to get home and believe a chocolate and wine binge will help us feel better. 

Unfortunately, indulging in certain comfort foods and alcohol can actually increase our stress levels and lead to a vicious cycle of stress-eating plus potential weight gain. 

What are the stress-causing foods to avoid? Refined sugar is a big no if you are trying to reduce your bodies fight-or-flight response as our bodies actually produce more cortisol after we consume sugar to help balance our blood sugar levels. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking artificial sweeteners are any better however, as they come with their own range of health problems. 

Other culprits included processed carbohydrates, foods high in sodium, alcohol, and too much caffeine that can overstimulate your adrenal glands and increase anxiety. 

With such a huge focus on foods to avoid, it’s good to know there are also a host of stress-relieving foods you can enjoy that will help bring calm into your life. 

Try a smoothie with banana and avocado as they contain high levels of potassium, leafy greens like swiss chard added to dinner will balance your cortisol levels, fish high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon for lunch, and fruits bursting with antioxidants like blueberries are some of the top foods to help with stress

So, what are you waiting for? Book that massage, start including a quick stretch into your daily routine, load up on the right foods, and start enjoying a more stress-free lifestyle today! 

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