Lunch Time Group Fitness Classes in Burleigh


⚡️Sprint sprint sprint! That is the name of the game for today’s EF30 group fitness class (30min class run every lunchtime at 12:30pm, 35 Lemana Lane, Burleigh Heads.)

250m Row
7 Burpees Over Rower

-Rest 1:00 between sets-

–20:00 Hard Cap–

Get through those meters on the rower and burpees as fast as possible; but don’t put too much energy into one movement and lose it on the other. Burpees can be parallel to or facing the rower. Keep every set under 2:00.

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⚡️Workout Stimulus 
Short and fast is the goal for today! These are meant to be quick bursts of (almost) all out, high intensity efforts. Athletes should aim to keep each row under 1:00-1:15 and the burpees under :45! Be careful of going too fast on that row, as we want some energy for the burpees. The 250m row pace should be slightly faster than your 500m pace but not a 100% effort.

The heart rate will be high and the legs will be doing the majority of the work, but keep every round to 2:00 or less. Earn that rest!

If your keen to do this workout at home or at another gym with a rower here is the suggested warmup:

250m Row @40-minute pace (or ~20 strokes per minute)
5 Inch-Worms w/Push-Up
250m Row @20-minute pace (or ~25 strokes per minute)
5 Tall Plank to Down Dog
250m Row @Workout Pace
5 Up-Downs Over the rower

⚡️About EF30
EF30 training at Burleigh Heads is the ultimate high-energy conditioning training.

Workouts typically last anywhere from 10-15 minutes and always incorporate simple yet potent movements. EF30 combines bodyweight, rowing-biking-running, and simple lifting movements for each workout.

⚡️About Electric Fitness
Coaching busy professionals, parents & fitness enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals and have a great life.

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