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Limited in doing fun activities

Complacently & decreased motivation. Limited in doing fun activities. Body falling apart and breaking down.

Your precious time is weighing you down and holding you back from making health a priority.

It’s time to make you number 1 and have the life you want.

Feel stronger, fitter and finally
Stick to a program that works

Unlike other gyms where you feel out of place here at Electric Fitness we are men and women 30+ where staying active is the main priority. Classes are capped at 12 people to maximize the quality coaching you receive.

  • Increased happiness
  • Strong mind & body
  • Life becomes easier
Chris Morton, Founder
We know how hard it is to get active with a busy schedule

Chris, the founder of Electric Fitness was a business owner for over a decade and struggled with running a successful business along with his family life and his own health.

He wasn’t getting the answers he was looking for from traditional gyms and functional fitness programs so he setup Electric Fitness to help clients like him get the results they are really after.

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