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Burleigh Heads Best Functional Fitness and Personal Training Facility For Busy Professionals And Small Business Owners
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Best Personal Training Facility in Burleigh Heads

We help busy professionals & small business owners get fit for life via personal training and group classes without wasting time on challenges, fad diets or pain medications.

You’re a motivated and hardworking professional that has never lacked discipline or motivation.


Despite eating “healthy”, playing sports and training in the gym your whole life, you are not achieving results in your overall health and fitness.

You’re tired of spending money on pointless diets and wasting your time on failed programs.

What you need is a gym that fits into your lifestyle, gets results, so you don’t have to waste time.

At ELECTRIC we help people like you get the results through intelligent programming, a happy team environment and positive coaching.

What we offer
We take the time to get to know you
Discuss goals, test strength, fitness & mobility
Meet your Coach
Start a life-time relationship with a professional in all aspects of health and fitness
Welcome to group training
Our training program sets you up for year round positive training, recovery and nutrition
Meet your Coach
Start your relationship with a professional fitness coach

Our personalised approach to reach your goals. Learn all the skills required to join classes. Participate in personalised nutrition plans.

Exciting Group Classes
  • Excellent training programs
  • Skill progression
  • Supportive community
Intelligent Programning
Movements, facilities and equipment for optimal results
  • CrossFit
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Endurance
  • Strongman
  • Functional Bodybuilding
  • Personal & Group Training
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35 Lemana Lane, Burleigh Heads 4220, Gold Coast

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