5 Benefits of Heart Rate Tracking: Boost Workouts & Fitness


There are always advancements in technology and new gadgets claiming to improve a workout, boost fitness and help lose weight. 

Some are pointless fads that aren’t worth your time or money, others like a state-of-the-art heart rate tracker really can deliver what they promise and improve fitness no matter where an athlete is on the health scale. 

One of the absolute best heart rate trackers for athletes on the market is the Wodify Pulse and the benefits of heart rate tracking during a workout is huge. 

Beginners starting a fitness journey that have never heard of “heart rate tracking” to seasoned CrossFit athletes who continually striving for new fitness goals, the Wodify Pulse and accompanying Myzone software can give them what they need. 

Read on to find out why fitness goals should include finding a gym that offers group training with heart rate tracking to take it to the next level. 

1. Follow Progression

Using wearable technology to track heart rate during a group fitness classes like the Wodify Pulse is one of the quickest and easiest ways to follow progression, and discover how one’s fitness is really progressing.  

Not only does the Wodify Pulse display the groups’ heart rates in real time, but you also get an end-of-workout summary so you can see everything from the number of calories you burned to the areas in a workout that may not have been working at full potential.

Using the data provided at the end of each week or month to track progression. For example, a great guide to overall cardiorespiratory fitness is a resting heart rate

Is heart rate going down? Is your body becoming more efficient at pumping blood around your body because of your improved fitness? Simply wear the Wodify Pulse for a few minutes of rest pre-workout to find out!  

There are now even fewer excuses to slack off and rob yourself of those precious extra calories burned as the Wodify Pulse makes you more accountable for your workout results

2. See If You’re Hitting Your Goals 

Once you get the hang of heart tracking during your workout, you will realise it is hugely beneficial for weight loss and improved fitness to be reaching certain heart rate targets for your weight, age and level of fitness. 

Using the Wodify Pulse group heart rate training during your workout will show you right away whether you’re hitting that goal, as the Myzone technology displays your heart rate in real time

Electric Fitness Coachboard

Another excellent goal to set yourself is lowering your recovery time between sets. How quickly our heart rates return to normal after exertion is an excellent fitness indicator and the Wodify Pulse – using its Blue – Red heart rate displays – will easily show you how long it takes your heart rate to recover. 

By getting instant feedback, you will be inspired to not only reach the goals you’ve set for yourself during your workout, but to smash them! 

3. Set Heart Rate Goals Over Time Goals 

So many fitness goals these days are time-focused, e.g. getting in more and more reps during the same number of minutes during a workout. 

Using the Wodify Pulse can reinvent the way you train and stop you from getting bored during your group class workout by allowing you to set a heart rate goal – that you need to maintain throughout your workout – as opposed to a time goal. 

Getting your heart rate up means burning more calories and the fitter you are, the higher your maximum heart rate becomes. 

The Wodify Pulse also promotes friendly competition with the members of your group fitness class as you all get to instantly see whether you’re reaching your set goals! 

4. See Where Your Workout Needs Adjusting 

Using heart rate tracking during group fitness classes can help improve your training and see where adjustments are needed.

Wodify Pulse – Group Heart Rate Training

For example, by watching the peaks in your heart rate over the course of a workout and during certain moves, you can discover where you need to breath more to take your heart rate out of the really high Red zone. 

By displaying your overall effort, calories burned and heart-rate, the Wodify Pulse shows you when it is best to push yourself and where you need to take a step back to improve your overall workout and fitness. 

5. Learn About How You Train 

We all have different bodies and all bodies need slightly different training to reach their full fitness potential. 

By watching the live data your heart tracker feeds to the Myzone software of the Wodify Pulse during your workout, you will discover exactly when you should be pushing harder and when you should pace yourself. 

Myzone Effort Points

The technology shows you what moves best suit your body for the fitness goals you have set, what parts of the workout have you at risk of overtraining and when proper form is more important than getting your heart rate to peak.  

This type of tracking is crucial to keep your body in top form and help prevent injuries from overtraining

So, by combining technology with the motivation of a group fitness class, you can transform the way you train with the Wodify Pulse and really challenge yourself. 

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