Coaching Clients 2024 Goals and Building Rapport


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed returning to the coaching floor in the last few weeks. In running a gym, a key lesson I’ve learned is the importance of building a strong team (shout-out to my business coaches at NPE Fitness, Sean, Lucia & Ric). 

As the owner of Electric Fitness, stepping away from coaching the majority of the classes is necessary to grow other aspects of the business and develop a coaching team. Despite this, there’s immense value in still being on the floor coaching, and currently, I’m leading a few classes each week—a highlight for me.

One of my coaching styles is focused on fostering a sense of community at the start of each class, providing a great opportunity to break the ice. For instance, in a recent Saturday class, I asked about everyone’s 2024 health and fitness goals. It’s fascinating to witness the diverse goals and discover commonalities among our members.

Judging Wykie in the 2023 CrossFit Open at Electric Fitnes

Here are a few examples:

• Theo aims for more consistent training.
• Matheus strives for a ring muscle-up.
• William is working towards a handstand walk.
• Hannah aspires to qualify and return for Torian Pro with her team.
• Various members have goals like achieving a bar muscle-up, consistent training, or specific improvements in CrossFit sessions and Olympic lifting.

As I guide members through their fitness journeys, I find these personal connections invaluable. It’s a great approach for CrossFit coaches looking to engage with members.

 Starting a class by learning names and fun facts, like favorite songs or travel destinations, breaks the ice and sets a relaxed tone before moving on to the workout briefing. 


For those coaches what community building tips, methods or advice do you have? Love to hear your thoughts.

Pss.  One of my personal goals for 2024 is to enhance my nutrition. I’ve enlisted the help of Maggie, a consultant from The Sports Dietitian Co. Our consultation has proven invaluable as we delve into areas where I’ve been falling short and identify ways to optimize my diet for peak performance during CrossFit workouts. I’m genuinely excited about the potential impact of these changes in 2024, especially since my overarching objective is to excel in the upcoming CrossFit Open and Local Master Comps. 

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